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I thought Tara your agent did an excellent job in helping us plan an interesting vacation, that was fun and exciting and even educational at times. Thank you Tara.  Glenn C., September 2019

I think the agent I use Tara does a great job and even gives me some good ideas of her own, she is very professional.  Glenn C., November 2019

Tara beyond met our expectations. We wanted something relaxing and she booked us an all inclusive in Mexico. Everything was perfect and had no traveling problems (especially with covid) we had the best week and will be using Tara again!  Casey Y., December 2020

Tara was amazing! She was quick and efficient for a last minute birthday getaway that some friends and I decided to join. I also love the special touches she added like sending us a gift bag before the trip, it even included a personal birthday card for me which was really sweet. Definitely using her for our next trip!  Raven W., January 2021

My Dream vacation specialist was awesome Tara goes above and beyond to make everything flawlessly. Will be using her again.  Elliott O. January 2021

Thanks Tara!! We had an awesome time!  Robin J.

Everything went smooth and as planned. My wife and I couldn't of asked for anything better!  Ken S.

This was the easiest trip, Tara Bodell took care of everything for everyone in our group. She worked hard to make sure everything went right and did an amazing job! Thank you Tara!! She’ s my travel agent from here on out!  Diane M.

Tara was amazing to work with! She went beyond to make sure we were all fully updated. Given the stressful situation we were in. We trusted her and we had an amazing vacation! Would not hesitate to use her for my future travels!  Elaine G.

Colorado With Trafalgar

Colorado with Trafalgar

Trafalgar has added a tour of Colorado for Summer 2020!  Embark on an in-depth exploration…

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How To Choose A Stateroom

How to Choose a Stateroom

Just like real estate, staterooms are all about location. Here are the main factors to…

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How To Use Your Cell Phone On A Cruise Ship

How to Use Your Cell Phone on a Cruise Ship

If you plan to use your cell phone on a cruise ship, it’s important to…

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Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line


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In Uganda, Around 48% Of The Population Is Under 15 Years Of Age.

In Uganda, around 48% of the population is under 15 years of age.

Of the 41 million inhabitants, nearly half of those are youths. 77% are 30 and…

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Best Time To Book A Cruise

Best Time to Book a Cruise

One of the most often questions I get asked is when is the best time…

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Why You Should Use A Travel Agent #2

Why You Should Use A Travel Agent #2

Offers! Travel agents get the best offers and many times exclusive ones!  Why do we…

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How To Avoid Jetlag

How to Avoid Jetlag

You may experience jetlag if you fly just a couple of time zones let alone…

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Your Passport & Traveling

Your Passport & Traveling

If you are traveling and need your passport or even going on a cruise where…

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Enjoy these recipes from around the world courtesy of cruise lines, resorts and more!

Split Pea Soup From Viking Cruises
Ertesuppe (Split Pea Soup) From Viking Cruises
Ertesuppe (Split Pea Soup) from Viking Cruises

I took this recipe from here.  I hope this soup will warm you during the winter months or the spring blizzards that many parts of the country experience.  Viking Cruises has both ocean and river cruises. River Cruising is a…

White Chocolate Bread From Club Med
White Chocolate Bread from Club Med

This recipe was copied from BeyondKimchee  

Split Pea Soup From Viking CruisesWhite Chocolate Bread From Club MedHomemade Tortellini From Oceania CruisesWisconsin Beer Cheese Soup From Viking Cruises
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