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Carnival Elation May 2019 Cruise

Carnival Elation May 2019 Cruise

I escorted a group on the Carnival Elation from May 2-6, 2019.  There was a total of 27 of us.  We cruised for a cause!  The Warner Robins Moose Lodge was our charity.  What better way to raise money for a charity while you are on vacation!

This was my first time escorting a group of this size and I loved it as well as learned a lot. . I am now looking forward to the next time that I get the privilege to escort another group.

One of the coolest things about this group was that there were more people who hadn't cruised before than had.  It was so awesome to see their faces and wonder!  One guy was so scared to go on a boat as he called the ship.  It took many of us many months to talk him into going.  He had a blast!  To see someone go from being scared to loving is one of the biggest reasons that I love what I do!

We did so many things on the ship that I will write separate posts for most of the items so watch for those posts!  Some of the activities included piano bar, quest, comedy show, shows, putt putt tournament, private excursion and snorkeling!


Tara Bodell

Dream Vacations, Franchise Owner


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