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How To Choose A Stateroom

How to Choose a Stateroom

Just like real estate, staterooms are all about location. Here are the main factors to consider when choosing your stateroom:

  • Which deck
  • Which type of stateroom
  • Where your stateroom is located (forward, mid–ship or aft)

Of course, your choices will determine your cost, but Tara, your Vacation Specialist can help you find the right stateroom for your needs and budget.

Which deck – While every cruise line and ship is different, keep your likes and dislikes in mind. Prefer to be close to the action? Consider a deck near the pools, or bars and restaurants. If you travel with children, being close to the kids' club offers convenience since you'll be back and forth frequently.

Which type of stateroom – From a luxury suite complete with your own butler to a comfy cabin that provides all the necessities, but offers an obstructed view, the type of stateroom you choose determines your price. You may also want to keep your destination in mind. We highly recommend a balcony/verandah when cruising Alaska! Some cruise lines also offer specialty staterooms. For instance, spa staterooms and suites are in close proximity to the onboard spa, offer a soothing décor and special in–room amenities.

Where your stateroom is located – Forward, midship or aft, and what’s the difference? Every ship is divided into forward, midship and aft (front, middle and back). Because of the way that most ships are built, you will experience the least amount of movement in the lower and more central area of the ship (midship). However, you may experience more foot traffic from other passengers at midship as well, especially on the upper decks.

Of course the easiest way to chose your cabin is ask me, Tara your Vacation Specialist!

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