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Cruise Packing

Cruise Packing

Use this handy checklist when packing for your next vacation.

General Items:

  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen/sunblock
  • essential toiletries including razors
  • electronic/reading material
  • electronic device chargers
  • waterproof phone case
  • digital camera/extra memory cards
  • batteries/battery charger
  • small umbrella/small first aid kit
  • small back pack or zippered shoulder bag for excursions

General Women Essentials:

  • pajamas/robe
  • purses (day and evening)
  • walking shoes/sandals
  • beach footwear
  • evening attire
  • swimsuit
  • sundress
  • shorts
  • swim suit cover-up
  • casual outfits
  • sweater/ jacket

Don’t Leave Home without:

  • all required travel documents
  • passports and visas/ proof of citizenship along with photo ID
  • medical insurance cards
  • credit cards / cash(singles)
  • emergency numbers
  • prescriptions/medications

General Men Essentials:

  • pajamas/robe
  • dress socks
  • walking shoes/sandals/sneakers
  • beach footwear
  • evening attire
  • casual shoes
  • sweater/jacket
  • T-shirt/dress shirts
  • swim suit
  • shorts
  • casual outfits


What Not to Pack for a Cruise

For safety reasons, many cruise lines prohibit the following items onboard.

  • Any weapons (including firearms, knives, ammunition, etc.)
  • Non prescribed Illegal drugs
  • Candles, incense or any scent burning device
  • Decorative souvenir canes/ walking sticks
  • Electrical appliances such as coffee makers, hot plates, hair dryers and electric irons
  • Clothes Iron
  • Any sporting equipment ( including scuba equipment, skateboards, hockey gear, surfboards, etc)
  • Self–Defense Gear (including handcuffs, pepper spray and night sticks)
  • Flammable liquids, chemical and explosives (including lighter fluid, bleach, paint, fireworks, etc. )
  • Power Tools
  • Musical instruments

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