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If you volunteer for a non-profit you know that raising money is a hard task.  You have to plan, execute and follow-up.  It can take a lot of people many hours.  You may also struggle with new ideas of how to raise money.

How about a Fundraising Vacation?  Yes, I said it – a vacation that you take and also raise money!

Now you may be asking yourself ok but how does it work and that sounds like it will take a lot of time to plan.  The process is quite easy.  Here are the steps:

  1. Contact Tara ar 720-810-6540 or
  2. Submit a copy of the non-profits 501c 3 certificate
  3. Together you and I will decide on a resort or a cruise.
  4. I create the flyers, Facebook Group, etc.
  5. You spread the word!  Send people to me.
  6. I book the vacations.
  7. You and everyone go on vacation!
  8. I send a check to the non-profit.

See I told you it was simple.  Okay but I haven’t answered your question as to how money will be raised.  Okay here it is very simple example using a cruise:

  • The cruise line will donate $25 for every person who books
  • I will personally donate $12.50 for every person who books
  • For every 8 cabins of 16 people another $25 per cabin will be donated
  • Each person going pays an additional $25 that is a donation

In the above example:  you have 16 cabins with 32 people.

  • $800 from the cruise line
  • $400 from me
  • $400 from cruise line
  • $400 from the vacationers
  • a total of $2000 for the charity

There are also a number of other things that you can do on the cruise to help raise money too such as scavenger hunt, auction, tournament and more.

Please note that the above is only an example.  The actual figures of the cruise and/or resort may vary.  Each cruise line and resort have different rules and amounts that can be given to a non-profit.

Another great thing about Vacation Fundraising is everyone can help an organization and take a much needed vacation at the same time.

I escorted a fundraising cruise in May of 2019 and it was a huge success.  The charity received over $1500 and I did most of the work.

Contact me if you are interested in a Vacation Fundraiser!

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