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Luggage Tips

Luggage Tips

  • Have 2 luggage tags in different places (if possible) on your luggage – if one falls off you have another!
  • Ensure your information on your luggage tag is current – you don’t want your lost luggage sent to your old address!
  • Place a note with your itinerary, name, address, phone, & email address in the outside pocket of your luggage or right on top if you don’t have an outside pocket – this way if both of your luggage tags fall off they know who you are and where your luggage should be going!
  • Don’t use black luggage if at all possible – black is the most common color – if you have to use black put things on it that make it unique
  • Use luggage straps, 2 is the best idea – if your luggage breaks/rips then your stuff should stay together
  • Don’t pack medicine or anything of value in your checked luggage – only put items in your checked luggage that you can live without – whether it’s the airline that loses it or someone steals it – you may never see any of it again
  • If you are taking 2 bags and there are 2 of you – split your clothes into each bag – this way if one bag is lost each of you has some clothes
  • Take a picture of your luggage before you check it – if your bag turns up missing you will be panicked and may not remember what it looks like but if you have a picture then you will know!

I am a former airline employee and have a friend who works in the department of lost luggage.  Between the two of us I have come up with this list of what to do to help you and the airline with your luggage!

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