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Why Use A Travel Agent #3

Why Use A Travel Agent #3

Post Series: Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

Lots of Options!

Travel agents ensure each piece of your vacation fits your needs.  How do we do that you ask?  We take the time to get to know you and listen to you.  If you do not drink alcohol then getting the "drink package" isn't for you.  Many times the cruise lines want to give you their "free drink package" but did you know that you pay additional gratuities on that "free package"?  So if you are like many of my clients that either do not drink or perhaps have a glass of wine with dinner the extra gratuities would have paid for any drinks you may purchase separately.

Another example is say you are like another client of mine who wanted to go to Rome and of course she wanted to see the main attractions but she doesn't care for tours.  She enjoys roaming and discovering local food, people and charm.  I was able to put together a well balanced custom trip for her which gave her a few tours, skip the line tickets and plenty of time for her to explore on her own.

So depending on what your needs or wants are travel agents can customize or ensure that their needs are met.

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