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Why Use A Travel Agent #4

Why Use a Travel Agent #4

Post Series: Why You Should Use a Travel Agent


Travel agents have an extensive knowledge about travel.  After all we travel a lot!  I cannot go everywhere even though it is on my list but I probably know someone who has or can research.  There are many franchise owners within Dream Vacations and we share our knowledge with each other.

I also ask my clients for their feedback and knowledge.

Oh, and don't get me started on all the training that the resorts and cruise lines offer!  Each product has their own training for the most part.  I could spend an entire month just training on cruise lines, resorts, destinations, etc.  And that does not count the in person training that I attend throughout the year.

Here is a great example of how travel agent knowledge can work for you.  Your coworker tells you about how great their stay was at a resort.  She/he tells you the resort was beautiful and there were lots of things to do and she/he cannot wait to go again.  So you think hey my spouse and I need a vacation so because my coworker stated X resort was great I'll book there.  However, just because a resort or cruise was great for your coworker it may not be the best for you.  For example, if you are traveling with or without children that will make a huge difference on what resort or cruise is best for you.  Believe it or not some of us do not like traveling with children.  So the travel agents knowledge of resorts, destinations or cruise line will ensure you have the vacation that you want!

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