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Why Use A Travel Agent #5

Why Use a Travel Agent #5

Post Series: Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

We Know First!

The suppliers such as cruise lines, resorts, and tour companies let us know first when a new ship is coming out or a new resort or even a new tour!  Now I will admit that I am not the first to know because I receive so many emails a day from tour companies, destinations, cruise lines, resorts and more that I am not the best about keeping up.

However, have no fear I'll receive another email or it will be mentioned by a college or during a training again.  I really try hard to keep up but I don't know if you have seen how many new ships are coming out in the next few years but it is mind blowing!  Also, if it comes down to staying up to date on the latest resort or ship and helping my clients before, during and after their vacations - well I hope you know which route I take.  Clients all the way!

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