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Why You Should A Travel Agent #1

Why You Should A Travel Agent #1

Post Series: Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

The Best Price!

Many people think you can save money by not using a travel agent which is a myth!  Prices are set by the resorts, tour operators or cruise lines.  Travel agents can not change the prices (at least they are not supposed to) but many times travel agents have promotions that you can only receive by booking with a travel agent.

Okay, so now you are wondering how a travel agent can have a promotion that say a cruise line does not have.  Well, it is pretty simple really.  Think about how most things if you buy in bulk you receive a discount.  For example, 1 roll of paper towels may cost you $2 but 6 rolls only costs $10 which saves you $2.  Yes, I know you are wondering how travel agents have promotions that cruise lines do not have and I am talking about paper towels!  Well, the same concept applies.  The parent company of Dream Vacations for examples, sells so much travel that they are essentially buying in bulk.  You can also think of it as a cruise line (or resort) saying hey because you buy so much from us we want to say thank you by offering you an exclusive deal!

Now there is a lot more that goes into than that but I hope you get the idea.

In addition, Dream Vacations has a unique program that monitors cruise line pricing and notifies me if your cruise drops in price. . I then investigate to ensure it is a better deal and if it is I send you an email or call you and let you know you saved money!

Okay now you are wondering why I have to investigate to ensure it is a better deal because I just stated that the price dropped right?  Well, the price of the cruise may have dropped but what if you no longer qualify for the on board credit you got when you booked the cruise? ? For example, when you booked the cruise you received $100 on board credit then later the cruise drops by $50 - great you save $50 but you no longer qualify for the $100 on board credit so really you would lose $50 of value!

For the best price book your next vacation with me!

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